Monday, March 04, 2013

Consumption Junction

Finally got around to watching this video from MoJo that everyone is talking about. I can see why it's going viral. Best illustration of the sadistic inequity in wealth distribution I've seen yet. Worth six minutes of your time.

[Full size version]

If the one-percenters were actually doing honest work for the money, it would be justifiable. But they're not. They make their money by cheating the system. Thing is, they own everything, so no one with the power to stop them is willing to call them out. The appointed and elected watchers look the other way, for a pittance of the spoils and a bare modicum of social status.

But at the top it's not about money, it's about power. The Overlords of the World Economy are acquisition addicts. They want all the things -- literally. They won't stop until they've plucked the last "business opportunity" from among the wreckage of civil society, which by then will be stranded on a ruined planet.

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