Monday, February 04, 2013

Newest Fox hire endorses child abuse

If there ever any doubt he was the perfect hire for Fox "News" punditry, it was laid to rest today when Erick Erickson applauded corporal punishment of children by complete strangers with this tweet:

The link goes to a story about a short tempered store clerk:
A Dollar General employee arrested in Wrightsville last week for hitting a child with a belt has now been charged with aggravated assault. The charges were upgraded from simple battery because store video showed the woman hitting the 8 year old at least 25 times.
Picture that for a moment. She beat him with a belt at least 25 times. Because he threw a cookie at her. Which under Erick son of Erick's family values deserves high praise and public gratitude. Erick son of Erick is an admired figure and leading voice in the crackpot con community. He wouldn't have made it so far without them. They built his brand. This is the America they want to bring back.

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