Monday, February 11, 2013

Major blowout

This was funniest thing on the social webs this morning. Major Garrett, Chief White House Correspondent for CBS News and columnist for National Journal, tweeted this earlier today:

It was just a brief flicker on the twitter, but of course, what is posted to the intertoobz will live forever. I wasn't the only one to capture the screen grab. Much hilarity ensued.

Some speculation that Major was hacked but seems rather clearly a real tweet that was meant to be a private message. Misdirected DMs are the new inadvertent "reply-all" emails. One bad click and there's no taking it back. Besides, this is not the first time Major Garrett has been caught in an embarrassing tweet. There was also this one:
I apologize. turned my original link to SOTU excerpts to a soft-porn link. NOT my intention.
Don't believe I've seen that particular glitch happen to anyone else, ever. One might speculate Mr. Garrett had accidentally viewed some soft porn and inadvertently shortened the wrong link.

Jake Tapper came to late to game with an attempted rescue. He tweeted: "I believe @MajorCBS was 1st to report Hagel vote will be tomorrow. That's what all the buzz is about, I assume. Good scoop."

As former Senator Scott Brown might say: #bqhatevwr.

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