Friday, February 01, 2013

Hagel survives surreal Senate hearing

Seem to be slowly succumbing to some evil scourge so I've been a bit out of the loop. Didn't watch the Senate hearings for Chuck Hagel. But the twitter verdict among The Village insiders seems to have been Hagel was something of a disaster. Much tut-tutting about how unprepared he was for the inquistion. Judging from the reaction among us outsiders in my stream, think that harsh assessment is unfounded.

Wondering if they've forgotten Chuck has been outside the bubble for Obama's entire term. He's been busy. He hasn't been sitting on the social nets for the last four years closely following the inside daily drama as it unfolds. Guessing Hagel didn't grasp until that moment how batshit crazy the Republican party has become. Imagine he was well prepared to answer intelligent, relevant questions. He simply didn't expect so much stupid. To the extent Hagel stumbled, it was likely due to pure shock.

Charlie Pierce describes just how shockingly stupid the Republican questioning was at this hearing. The Republicans didn't interview Hagel on his qualifications for the actual job, they used the hearings as a vehicle to advance their careers, re-litigate the Bush Doctrine and settle old grudges.

Not a fan of Hagel, but let's be fair. When he escaped, the Senate was a much different place. As Charlie said, "How could anyone be properly prepared for Jim Inhofe and Ted Cruz in the same day? Those kind of mushrooms are still illegal."

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