Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Boehner to take the fall on killing Sandy relief bill

Story is developing faster than I can write about it. Until about an hour ago I wouldn't have bet Boehner could be deposed, but now after Chris Christie's presser and watching the growing bi-partisan rebellion against Boehner, I'm not sure his hold on the gavel will survive the vote tomorrow.

Last night Boehner was blaming Cantor for failing to bring the bill to the floor. This morning, Boehner was ignoring the massive outrage in the House and promising to bring a new bill up first thing in the 113th session.

This, of course, ignores the whole process would have to start up all over again and pass through both houses. But hey, the Sandy survivors have only been waiting over two months for the fools on Capitol Hill to send some relief. What's another eight weeks or so to people left homeless in the middle of winter in New England?

Which I'm afraid will end up being their fate. It's possible Boehner will realize it's bad politics to put his petty power struggle with Cantor above the needs of the people. They could still pass the relief bill in the few remaining hours of the 112th, but doesn't seem likely so far. One time I would be deliriously happy to be wrong.

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