Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Boehner holding on to his gavel

At about 4:00pm today, rumor was floated on the twitter that Boehner was going to resign at 5:00pm. Based on some random person who said it on Hannity. At which point, I walked away from the computer.

By 5:30 the internet reported Boehner not doing mano-a-mano with Obama anymore. Most of the GOPers who spent all day trashing him are now his BFF because he promised to bring up a vote for a tiny bit of Sandy relief first thing on Friday. Pretty sure that group does not include Chris Christie who came out strong for Cantor in his presser today.

To which Boehner responded by reforging his bonds with the members Christie rightly called the "know nothings" in the GOP caucus.
Duncan said he was encouraged by Boehner’s commitment in recent days to return to “regular order,” saying it was imperative that the House not simply accept bills driven by Democrats in the White House and the Senate.

“We have a Republican majority. We need to pass Republican bills out of the House,” Duncan said.
Needless to say, any Democratic bills originating in the Senate or the White House? Must be rejected because, tyranny of the majority! Compromise is surrender. If it wasn't so tragic, I would probably find it funnier.

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