Tuesday, December 04, 2012

The greatest grift of all

Their business model is entirely based on scaring grannies who live on fixed incomes and hapless, misinformed rubes into giving them money, but Dick Armey says this is because, personal principles:
In a move not publicly announced, former Rep. Dick Armey, the folksy conservative leader, has resigned as chairman of FreedomWorks, one of the main political outfits of the conservative movement and an instrumental force within the tea party. [...]

"The top management team of FreedomWorks was taking a direction I thought was unproductive, and I thought it was time to move on with my life," Armey tells Mother Jones. "At this point, I don't want to get into the details. I just want to go on with my life."
But not to worry. It's clear Dick Armey's future is secure.
A confidential contract obtained by The Associated Press shows that Armey agreed in September to resign from his role as chairman of Washington-based FreedomWorks in exchange for $8 million in consulting fees paid in annual $400,000 installments. Dated Sept. 24, the contract specifies that Armey would resign his position at both FreedomWorks and its sister organization, the FreedomWorks Foundation, by the end of November.
And all the rubes still get free "Taxed Enough Already" t-shirts.

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