Sunday, December 09, 2012

Nobody's right if everybody's wrong

[xkcd cartoon]

Atrios touched on the nerdrage earlier and links to Digby this afternoon who did the longer. I've been watching this explode on the internets myself so I'll take the medium.

We go through this internal bickering every time the Hill shakes itself out of its stupor and tackles a big issue. You're either too shrill or too trusting. Too combative or too accomodating. A warrior for the cause or a tool of the establishment. Conflicts over priorities are the curse of diversity. But the strength of diversity is in our combined voice.

Nobody is doing it wrong. Everybody has a part to play in the kabuki. And Digby is right. Don't be so sure the "too" shrill among us don't prevent it from happening. We should appreciate the people who relentlessly come out early and hard against bad policy. I certainly do.

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