Tuesday, December 11, 2012

No easy climb for Hillary in 2016

I want to shoot myself for even mentioning 2016 yet again, but there's been so much buzz about Hillary taking another crack at it that it's worth mentioning briefly. A lot of her former supporters who populate my social nets have been chirping enthusiastically about another Hillary run practically since election day ended. Nate Silver says Hillary has a shot at it and would be a good candidate in many ways. Meanwhile, the usual GOPers are allegedly quaking in fear at the mere prospect of her running.

Hard to believe anybody is buying the GOP line. As so often happens, I agree with Charlie on the GOP's faux terror:
I am sorry, but does Newtie know something I don't? Is every talk-radio host in America planning on joining the Carthusians between now and corn-shuckin' time in Iowa in 2016? Are all the foundations who fund the bilge that passes for intellectual energy on the American Right going into funding the arts all at once? Is the political salience of outright hysteria going to wane that precipitously over the next four years? I doubt all of that at once. What you're going to see when and if Clinton announces is Whitewater-plus-Benghazi, all run through the massive post-Citizens United pukefunnels, and what a lot of fun that's going to be.
Would love to believe Hill could just stroll into the White House and protect our hard won gains. But I remember the awful graphics in all the ugly viral emails being passed around by the wingers when it looked like she had the nom locked up. I remember how loudly the GOPers, led by Rushbo himself, were cheering Hill on in 2008 once she started losing. They were dying to run against her. You could practically hear the salvering behind closed doors. Their megaton of oppo was already pre-researched and fully written. Rather doubt they threw it away. More likely they've been adding to it regularly.

And what do we suppose our fair minded media would do with another crack at the Clintons? This happened in 2009.

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