Thursday, November 01, 2012

Why vote for Obama?

Lot of big endorsements for President Obama today. Everyone all agog about The Economist endorsement, no matter how reluctant. Mike Bloomberg made a stronger case for re-election and gratefully tied it to concern about climate change. Maybe now that it was NYC that half drowned, the media will be more willing to push that issue into the narrative.

But my favorite today was from Andrew Sullivan. The ninnyhammers at Bozell's madhouse are apoplectic over it. Don't click that link but do read Andrew's post. He runs down a decent list of sensible reasons but this one bit is the most important, at least to me:

Given the catastrophe Obama walked into, and the froth-flecked obstructionism of his opposition, he's had a remarkably successful, historic first term. His long game also makes much of the progress promised durable only if he gets a second term.
I understand Obama didn't deliver every single thing on the left's wish list. I get that some of the victories weren't all that glorious and barely moved us forward. But sweet jezus, they did move us forward and if Romney gets in, not only will everything Obama accomplished be rescinded, the GOPers will be gunning to reverse generations of progressive progress. And they'll have the tools to do it.

The days of FDR are gone. No president in recent history has made their biggest changes in the first term because they want a second one. In the second one they have nothing left to lose. The second term is when they establish their lasting legacy.

Obama has done much to reverse the damage of the Bush years and moved us forward in his first term. I still believe he's capable of doing great things if given another term. And I'm certain if Romney gets in, we'll lose everything. I really don't see how the choice could be clearer.

And yes, don't forget SCOTUS. Those appointment last generations. It matters:

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