Monday, November 19, 2012

Rove's hackers prefer to remain Anonymous

[Original image via Crooks & Liars.]

I'm late to this but you know how much I love a conspiracy theory, so archiving for future historians just in case the Mayans are wrong. It seems someone claiming to be Anonymous says they simply hacked Orca. That being Miserable Mitt's simply marvelous, almost secret, magical internet apparatus which was destined to revolutionize the ground game. Said purpose of hack being to prevent Creepy Karl from hacking the Ohio results.

To be clear, I don't think this is real. Not convinced it's even the real Anonymous. Something about it feels off. But it's a great conspiracy theory. The plausibility factor is so deliciously high. At one point Orca was shut down because the host thought it was under a DOS attack. Rove's digital deceptions go back years. The missing Bush era White House emails. The possible Ohio hacking of 2004 was never fully investigated. Then there was the mysterious patches installed on the 2012 voting machines by Ohio SoS Husted, who could only be more obviously biased towards the GOP if he showed up to meetings wearing an elephant costume. Add to all of that, Mr. Rove's apparent panic at Fox News on election night. He looks like a guy who expected a different result.

Now, if this was my conspiracy theory, I'd guess Orca just crashed. They got fleeced by grifters. So Karl was faking the meltdown and planted that Anonymous message to cover his tracks with the investors.

Still, the alternate is more amusing. What if Rove really did think he had the fix in on Ohio and Anonymous really did stop him? As the Atriots used to say, "It would be irresponsible not to speculate."

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