Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pundits do the CYA dance

This is hilarious. He is always wrong, about everything. So much so, his predictions are considered the proverbial kiss of death. Still it's significant that Dick Morris is willing to tell us he lied in order to keep the Rmoney campaign alive.
"I think that there was a period of time when the Romney campaign was falling apart, people were not optimistic, nobody thought there was a chance of victory and I felt that it was my duty at that point to go out and say what I said."

-- Dick Morris, in an interview on Fox News, explaining why he predicted a landslide for Mitt Romney in the presidential election.
On a related note, I'm not much for public shaming, but this tumblr, Pundit Shaming is on its way to becoming a valuable archive of just how wrong all the pundits were. Not that they'll ever suffer for it, or feel ashamed, as long as they keep collecting the big paychecks.

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