Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jobs: When the rhetoric hits the road

Apparently this GOP trick only works once:
The presidential campaigns and outside groups supporting them spent a monumental $588 million on ads focusing on jobs, in an election cycle that often strayed from what both sides seemed to agree were the central issues at hand: jobs and the economy. [...]

Despite the millions more spent by Republicans, their candidate lost in every one of those races.
They won in 2010 on that same promise. And promptly ignored it. Go figure. The people noticed and remembered in November.

Sadly, thanks to gerrymandering in GOP held statehouses, the will of the people isn't reflected in the House seating chart. One can only hope the Dems recognize the power of their minority and stand their ground, just as the voters did who stood in line for 8 hours to give them their vote.

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