Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Boehner back to the same old battle plan

There's no good reason the House couldn't pass the ready to go Senate bill that locks in the Bush era tax rates for income under $250K a year. They could do it in an hour on any day. There's only one reason not to, and it's that Boehner wants to hold lower income Americans hostage in order to protect the top 2% of wealth holders from a slight tax increase even after they sucked up the bulk of the economic gains in the last 12 years.

Some of his high profile Republican brethen apparently got the message of 2012, and are urging him to just pass the Senate bill already, but Boehner is not having it. Oh wait, there is a second reason for Boehner's obstinance. Tea Party Republicans are threatening to primary any GOPer who gives one inch to the dirty liberals and that suspiciously unwhite-skinned Muslim, Kenyan, Marxist, Commie, Socialist usurper who stole their White House again.

Already, Erick son of Erick is prayerfully contemplating a challenge to Saxby Chambliss who dared to revoke his pledge of fealty to Lord Grover of Norquist. A veritable army of Ericks are just waiting for God to tell them to throw down the gauntlets. Considering how their war for the soul of conservatism worked out for us in 2012, I can only wish them all well.

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