Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bits and pieces

My annual SAD episode is hitting me hard this year. Been virtually paralyzed for the last week or so. It's not that I can't follow the news, or that I have nothing to say; it's that I can't get focused enough to type it out. I sleep a lot until I get readjusted. But trying to break through so here's some stuff worth reading on a lazy Sunday that doesn't require a lot of comment.

Longish read but well worth the time, The Atlantic's profile of Obama's internet teams and how they built a digital election winning appartus that is the envy of every politician on earth today.

Speaking of elections, you all know I glaze over when confronted with math, but this analysis of electoral vote margins was fascinating. It's clear the massive turnout is what saved us from a Romney presidency and the lack of same is what saddled us with eight years of George W Bush. It raises the question, is it time to abolish the Electoral College?

And I didn't expect to sit through this whole segment, but found myself unexpectedly riveted by this whiz kid on CNBC. He was so sweet and genuine, I wanted to adopt him. And he's so smart. He may have invented a news aggregator that people would be willing to pay for, that benefits the aggregator and the news source. Amusing to watch the very important pundits fawning over him.

I predict the kid will be a great success at something. Sadly, I also see early onset cynicism in his future.

[Graphic created by Loren Kantor]

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