Sunday, October 14, 2012

When he is good, he is very, very good

I think the entire internets have a love/hate thing going with Jake Tapper, but today he won the hearts or minds of the left. Don't watch the bobbleheads anymore but assume he was hosting on ABC this morning when Jake Tapper confronted Rob Portman on Romney's continuing relationship with Bain:
TAPPER: In Ohio especially, Governor Romney has been making a big issue about cracking down on China and China’s cheating. There is this other issue though, Governor Romney gets a cut of the profits from Bain Capital’s investments in Chinese companies and in companies that are currently offshoring U.S. jobs to China. Is there not a disconnect between what Governor Romney says he wants to do with China and how he’s continuing to profit off of those very problems he criticizes?
Much more at the link including the Mittster's continuing insistence that he has no idea what his blind trust is doing.
In fact, Mitt Romney’s blind trust doesn’t meet federal requirements for a blind trust. It’s called a blind trust because the candidate chooses to call it so, not because it adheres to the federal rules that would qualify it as such.

Romney is much closer to his trustee, Malt, than federal rules would allow. The two men both have close ties to Bain Capital, Romney as founder, and Malt as a lawyer to the firm. Romney retains large investments in Bain. None of this matches the criteria of independence and arm’s length dealings that are spelled out in the federal rules [...]

Naturally this isn’t a trick that you should try at home unless you have million dollar lawyers to defend you when the IRS comes calling. Taking retirement income and turning it into capital gains under the guise that you are still a managing partner when you are not a managing partner and thus claim you can’t be held accountable for the managing partners’ decisions is a rare advantage saved for the top 2%, who are still very, very mad at the lazy 47% for not paying more in taxes.
Of course, when you're a millionaire, you're not a parasite on society because, job creator. Even if those jobs are being created in China.

In any event, good for Jake for putting it on the TV. There's a lot you can say about his journalism, good and bad, but he's probably the most interactive of all the media stars on social nets and he pays attention to emerging memes on both sides of the fence. And though I've long had doubts about how much impact the Sunday morning shows have on the general electorate, the opinion makers in The Village surely will have noticed. So there's that...

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