Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mitt Romney, completely wrong

This has been circulating on the social media for a few days. Finally broke down and looked at it this morning. It's better than I expected. Mitt debates himself:

As someone on the twitter pointed out, with that strategy he can always win.

The title of the post comes from this I picked up on the Facebook today. Quite amusing to see what happens when you do a google image search for "completely wrong." Couldn't agree with the results more.

On a slightly related note, I generally hate gifs. Moving images give me a headache. So I'm not going to post it directly, and no idea on the context, but this is a really a great Mitt gif if you like those things.

And the hits keep coming in on the Big Bird meme. Diane found a new Sesame St poster that I liked a lot and has collected a bunch more new stuff at her place.

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