Thursday, October 25, 2012

All that's missing is the flight suit

Adding a bit to the Morlock theme of yesterday's post, this photo looks to me like the Eloi lining up to submit to their Morlock master.

[photo via Zeke Miller]

This was taken at a Romney rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where Mr. Romnesia told the crowd: "I'm optimistic, not just about winning. We are going to win, by the way."

Of course the latest polls aren't exactly agreeing with that optimism but the internets tell me it hasn't stopped the Romnesia campaign from "unskewing" (read that as lying to themselves and their supporters) the unfavorable numbers and inventing their own favorables. Everything I'm seeing suggests to me they know they're losing and they're setting up a narrative to paint Obama's win as illegitimate.

And speaking of polls, this tweet from yesterday validates everything I've ever said about them:
PublicPolicyPolling: Lots of folks calling for OH tracking poll- if some org wants to sponsor for 20k we'll do 400 a night tmrw through Sunday before election.
It's all about the money and the incentive is high to deliver "interesting" results. And now that we have a price point, think about all the money the news orgs spent on running these things over the last few years. With that kind of dough they could have hired more journalists and reported -- real news.

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