Thursday, September 13, 2012

Smirk Romney

Getting ready for a short beach trip so light blogging. Did my Romney Shambles blogging yesterday at the Detroit News. Most of the GOP establishment may have left Unfit Mitt out to dry but his remaining defenders apparently all showed up in the comments at Romney fails the foreign crisis test and Romney fails the statesmanship test.

If you missed it yesterday, the video of Romney's presser was something to behold. The smirking during the question period was eerily reminiscent of our last Smirker-in-Chief and he wore that stupid smirk all the way out the door.

[photo:Charles Dharapak on twitter]

I covered the idiocy of his position at the DetNews posts, but I'll reiterate that he appears not to have noticed he looked like a fool. The odd smirking suggested he thought he was winning the news cycle.

A lot of people crowing that this was the end of his candidacy, but I've seen too many October surprises to count on that. My greatest fear at this point is people will get complacent because he's so clearly unfit for office that they can't believe anyone would vote for him.

I'm thinking it's more important than ever to drum up the largest voter turnout in the history of our nation. The GOPers are most likely to redouble their efforts to steal the vote at the ballot boxes. Only way to counter that is to cast more votes than they can plausibly steal.

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