Friday, September 14, 2012

Samuel L. Jackson swears for Obama

Haven't seen the ad yet but can't wait to find the video. As only he can, Samuel L. Jackson tells America to wake the fuck up and vote for President Obama.

If anyone needs a reason after the string of foreign policy blunders Rmoney spewed out over the last 48 hours or so, here's another one that didn't get enough attention. Putin Thanks Romney for Reminding Him That America Is Almost 50% Dumbass:
ABC News says Vladimir Putin has thanked Mitt Romney for calling Russia the United States’ #1 geopolitical foe, because it has “strengthened his resolve to oppose NATO’s plan for a missile defense shield in Eastern Europe.”...
Meanwhile, the Team Romney blunderfest continues. A Romney spokesman claims Muslims would never attack our interests under an Unfit Mitt presidency because they would be too scared to disrespect him, or something. "'There wouldn’t even be anti-American protests in the Middle East if Romney were in charge,' the aide said."

Because you know, Muslim extremists have never attacked or protested America under any other president. Well, except for the hundreds of international terrorist incidents that happened while Bush was in office.

This immediately spawned a deluge of mockery under the hashtag #RomneyStrength on the twitter. Apparently Team Romney took it as a compliment. I'm told they bought sponsored ads on the hashtag. I'm not sure they understand how this twitter thing works.

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