Friday, September 07, 2012

Clothes make the women

I was pretty much glued to the CSPAN livestream through the DNC. So much so, I didn't have the time or energy to post about it until now. I have more to say about it than this silly side story which isn't really worth bothering with, but it's irritating and a good excuse to post a photo of the dress Michelle Obama wore for her speech.

Certainly the speech is more important than the clothes, but one of the things I admire about our FLOTUS is her fashion style. And I'm particularly impressed she pulls her wardrobe together mostly from lesser known, small designers and a lot of ready to wear lines. Her dress was custom made but still low cost. So it especially pissed me off when the odious John Sununu suggested Michelle lied about the cost of her Tracey Reese dress.

But shortly thereafter, the designer proved John Sununu is a sneering idiot.
Reese tells NBC's "Today" show that the hot pink silk jaquard dress with pale blue trim at the hem will cost under $500.

The designer says she was planning the dress for a later season. But now it's being rushed through the production cycle so, quote, "more people can get their hands on it sooner."
Tracy Reese will sell a lot of those dresses because what the FLOTUS, or any high profile woman, wears sets fashion trends. Which makes me love our First Lady all the better for wearing clothes that are affordable to regular people and not just those who can afford to drop 2K or much more for a designer dress. Reese will probably have to hire more people to rush production. So in effect, by her choice of wardrobe, Michelle Obama supports small business and is a job creator. I believe she thinks about that when she makes her clothing choices.

For the record, Ann Romney wore a perfectly lovely, and age appropriate, Oscar de la Renata that I'm told cost about 2K. Not sure, thinking it must be high end ready to wear at that price. Something you might buy at Needless Markup or Saks. I imagine that dress will also generate more interest because Ann wore it for her speech. But it's a much smaller, more exclusive market. Much like the GOP.

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Blogger GD said...

I guess I'm still not "regular people". Though I do admire FLOTUS' style, I'm much more likely to spend 500 bucks on a car than a dress.

8:05:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Wouldn't spend that much on dress myself either. I'm a clearance rack, outlet store shopper myself. I won't spend 50 bucks, but still it's an affordable special occasion dress. And Michelle also buys lower down the rung for everyday wear. Point being she's not all pretentious. I like that in her.

9:52:00 PM  

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