Monday, September 10, 2012

Barely safe for work anti-gay political ad

Ye Gods! Not sure this is really anti-gay at all. If you didn't know this was an anti-gay political ad, you might think it was an ad for a gay dating site.
There is still time, but a mailer first reported by Politico and prepared in the name of “The Committee To Save The Erie County Republican Party” in New York has set a mighty low bar. Republican state Sen. Mark Grisanti voted for the state's marriage equality bill in 2011 and faces a primary challenge from Kevin Stocker on Thursday.
A mailer? As in comes in the mail where anybody might open it? Even "the children." I don't find it at all offensive myself, but I won't post the photos because they're too erotic and I don't do that here. I have a feeling this candidate may well rue the day this came out.

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