Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New app IDs SuperPac Ads

Cool tool. Almost makes me want to get a smart phone and download an app:
You know the ultra-useful Shazam and SoundHound apps that let you hold your cellphone up to a speaker to instantly identify the song title and artist? A new app released Wednesday is doing exactly the same thing — but for political ads instead of music.

Called “Super PAC App,” the app uses audio recognition technology to identify political advertisements. Then, it provides users with a wealth of information about the ad: What campaign or organization made it, how much it cost and how accurate the claims made in the ad actually are. It also lets users rate the ads with a variety of responses, including “love,” “fair,” “fishy” and “fail.”
I was just wishing for a list of the SuperPac groups running these ads under the fake populist sounding names. Maybe now some techie activist will compile one using this ad. It would make it easy.

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