Saturday, August 04, 2012

Let them eat their own damn cake

In case there was any doubt the Republican Party is run by fools who never matured past 13 years of age:
The Republican National Committee (RNC) sent the Democratic National Committee (DNC) a birthday cake on Friday,

The cake read "you didn't bake this" over a picture of President Obama. Text written in icing reads, "Happy birthday, Mr. President." The cake marks the occasion of the president's birthday, which is Saturday, with a play on the "you didn't build that" controversy.

As always, the GOPers have nothing real to run on so they're reduced to juvenile stunts. I'm sure the 27%ers found it hilarious. High fives all around. But I rather liked the Dems response:
[T]he Democrats sent the cake back.

“This is typical of Mitt Romney’s approach to the middle class," DNC spokeswoman Melanie Roussell told The Hill. "He wants to ‘Let them eat cake!’ while robbing them blind. We sent the cake back to the RNC, along with a copy of the Tax Center’s report on Mitt Romney’s tax plan.”
In any event today is President Obama's birthday. Wishing him a grand celebration and many blessings on his way to the next one.

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