Saturday, August 25, 2012

Guess they should have said "former" Republican Women for Obama

But that wouldn't have fit in the title block. I'm a big fan of Zeke Miller, but boy howdy, he's really stretching to make this an outrage:
One of the women in the Obama campaign's new video of Republicans supporting the president because of GOP positions on women's rights appears not to be a Republican at all.

Maria Ciano who is featured in the web video has been a registered Democrat since October 2006 according to voter registration records.

"People like me and my family have realized that the Republican Party once was inline with our views, but are no longer," the Colorado resident says in the video.
Hazards of slow newsday and the insatiable maw of the 24/7 internet void, I guess. Still rather disappointing. I mean, please, if she registered as a Dem in 2006 that would suggest to me that she voted Republican in 2004 and then realized by the mid-terms that voting Republican for a middle class American is like slitting your own throat.

Needless to say the wingnuts are all over it. Which I suppose was the point. Gotta generate that traffic somehow.

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