Friday, August 17, 2012

Accomplished lies

Find this rather incredible. I remember when campaign advisers would try to hide this stuff. Yet I've lived to see the day when Republicans openly flaunt their trickery. Apparently they're so sure they can manipulate the media and the base to their advantage, Team Rmoney laid out the details of their deceit:
Advisers say the campaign has no plans to pivot from its previous view that diving into details during a general-election race would be suicidal.

The Romney strategy is simple: Hammer away at Obama for proposing cuts to Medicare and promise, in vague, aspirational ways, to protect the program for future retirees — but don’t get pulled into a public discussion of the most unpopular parts of the Ryan plan.

“The nature of running a presidential campaign is that you’re communicating direction to the American people,” a Romney adviser said. “Campaigns that are about specifics, particularly in today’s environment, get tripped up.”
Not so sure Team Rmoney's confidence is misplaced. They're playing to keep the base agitated. Their lies are what the base wants to hear and believe. And dammit, they will believe them in the face of indisputable empirical evidence to the contrary. Or they will excuse them. These people cannot be moved.

So the question is, along with the various voter suppression schemes, will that be enough to let them steal the election? Thinking that will depend on the media more than ever this year. [Via Greg Sargent. Read his post.]

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