Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Drudge Siren: 83% of doctors consider quitting because of Obamacare

Drudge dutifully picked up this ZOMG survey as "reported" by Tucker Carlson's vanity project, claiming a non-partisan group discovered doctors want to quit rather than practice under Obamacare. (No, don't click the link)

Steve M, who is becoming the best investigative blogger on the intertoobz, gets the lowdown on this "non-partisan" survey. It turns out the survey was conducted by a Tea Party group, also connected to ALEC. So, bogus survey. But the best response I saw to this hit piece was on twitter yesterday. Think it was Brian Beutler:

"83% of doctors consider quitting because of Obamacare. 100% don't quit."

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