Friday, June 22, 2012

Suspended abomination

Politico suspended one its reporters for telling the truth about Mitt Romney. The big honchos justified the suspension by claiming he made "numerous disparaging and vulgar comments" about the Romneybot but it was this TV appearance that was the final straw:
The reporter, Joe Williams, had a history of describing Mr. Romney and other conservatives in provocative terms on his Twitter feed. And on Thursday, after Mr. Williams appeared on MSNBC and said that Mr. Romney only appeared comfortable around “white folks,” Politico said that it had taken action.
Christ with a Drudge siren is there anybody who thinks Romney looks comfortable with the hoi polloi? Hell he's the living embodiment of Mr. Drysdale choking down some fresh killed possum with the Beverly Hillbillies when he's around poor white folk. He only looks truly comfortable when he's hanging with "his people" at high priced fundraisers. And even then, he still looks awkward. He has the social skills of your average hapless sad sack who lives down the block.

I was composing a brilliant response to Politico's chickenshit kowtowing to the handful of screeching residents of Nutopia who were the real reason Williams got suspended, but as usual, Charlie beat me to it and did it better so outsourcing the commentary to Mr. Pierce:
Here's the thing. Joe was exactly correct in what he said about Romney. I know we're not supposed to bring this up, but Romney is a high official in a church that, as recently as 1977, thought Joe Williams carried the curse of Cain. The Romney campaign has shown little or no inclination to engage any of the issues of race in any serious way, and he ran through the primary campaign as Joe Arpaio in a better suit. He has shown no desire to distance himself from the racist rhetoric aimed by some in his party at black people, at immigrants, and at the president of the United States. From this, it is not a far reach to conclude that Romney is most comfortable around white people. And Politico is more comfortable around, say, Joe Scarborough than it is around its own employees.
Adding, I'm sure you'll be shocked to learn Mr. Williams is a black man.

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