Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scott Brown afraid to debate Elizabeth Warren

One thing the GOPers apparently learned from the bruising presidential primaries is, don't do unscripted appearances, unless they're on really friendly ground like Fox. And especially try to avoid debates. The propaganda works so much better if they're not put in a position to defend their phony talking points.

Which brings us to Brown's painfully obvious cowardice in wiggling out of a honest debate with Warren at Ted Kennedy's Institute. His demands to dictate the format of the debate spoke of fear. However, it was his requirement Ted's widow Vicki, who had no role in the debate itself, promise not to endorse anyone in the race that screamed of pure terror and desperation.

Mrs. Kennedy appropriately refused, so Scotty was able to squirm out of a challenge he isn't man enough to face. Which, of course, he'll blame on her. Which brings up the question, why is Scott Brown afraid of intelligent women? [graphic via]

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