Sunday, June 17, 2012

Romney embraces the crazy

So much for Willard Rmoney moving to the center now that he presuambly has the nomination locked up. As confirmed today on the Sunday bobblehead shows, Romney firmly hews to the Tea Party line.
Mitt Romney is doubling down on the now-infamous rejection of a fiscal policy deal that would provide $1 in new taxes for every $10 in spending cuts.

During a Republican primary debate last August, all GOP candidates – including Romney – said they would reject a hypothetical proposal to trade $10 in spending cuts for $1 in tax increases.
And this is a bald-faced lie:
β€œOne of the absolute requirements of any tax reform that I have in mind is that people on the high end . . . will still pay the same share of the tax burden that they are paying now. I am not looking for a tax cut for the very wealthiest. I am looking to bring tax rates down for everyone,” he said.
There's reams of analysis on the interwebs that shows his policy proposals, such as as they are, would significantly lower the tax contribution of the super wealthy. Of which is he is one. Not that The Hill bothered to add that as a addendum.

This is why our democracy is dying.

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