Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama does the right thing on immigration policy

President Obama announced a new DHS directive ending deportation of young undocumented immigrants. It's a small and temporary fix but it's the best he could accomplish against intractable GOP obstruction of any and all practical solutions to illegal immigration.

It's inarguably the right thing to do. No kid should be punished for being brought in illegally. It's not like they had a choice. They grew up here. They've been fully assimiliated. Those who managed to achieve despite living under the cloud of imminent deportation deserve compassion and respect. They're the living embodiment of the whole "pulling themselves up by their bootstraps" ethic that the cons are always carping about.

As for Tucker Carlson's useful idiot Munro in the Rose Garden today, on reflection, I'm glad he pulled his little attention seeking stunt. It will only play well in the crazy con cesspool of hate. The stink will stick to Team Romney.

Still think WHCA should censure Daily Caller for it, but can't think of a better way to demonstrate the creepiness of the fringe right to the unengaged voters. Hope they pull these asinine stunts every week. It only makes the difference brighter.

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