Monday, May 07, 2012

Heard it through the pipeline

So it's been a long day. I'm too wiped out for much commentary, but some stuff worth looking at if you haven't seen it yet.

Charlie has a riveting first person account about the TransCanada and the XL Pipeline. It's not the first time I've read about a hard core Republican who finally gets that he's being screwed by the guys he's been voting in office but this one is the best I've seen yet. Their eminent domain scam in taking land for the cursed thing is actually rather frightening. Wonder where all the glibertarians and conservatives who were bitching about Kelo are?

Love Newt's "endorsement" for Romney. Or maybe I should say honest advice?

And speaking of Mitt's mendacity, Steve Benen is still doing yeoman's work on chronicling Mitt's lies. He'll be able to turn that into an ebook by the end of the stupid season. It will probably be longer than War and Peace.

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