Monday, May 21, 2012

Find the cost of freedom

I've been in major burnout for the last couple of weeks. Still read the news every single day for hours though and do have some number of saved links to the few items that seemed worth talking about. This one struck me as significant. It appears our financial overlords are noticing climate change might be bad for business after all.
An example? “Global warming is relevant to the risk of catastrophic floods,” said Lehmann. “It is relevant to crop losses from drought, and we see scientific consensus as suggesting those concerns must be taken seriously as we evaluate federal subsidies for flood insurance and crop insurance.”
To which Anne Laurie adds:
[My emphases.] Shorter R Street: Look, denying reality was fine as long as our funders were paying us more than we’d lose when the digestive byproduct hit the fan. But we can’t afford to base insurance calculations on wishful thinking—we’re operating as libertarians, for pete’s sake!
In other words, the cost effectiveness of denialism is diminishing. That may be the only thing that could save this planet. Adding, Tom Toles forgive me for stealing this cartoon; it's just too perfect not to archive.

Which reminded me of this song. "Mother Earth will swallow you, Lay your body down." She always wins in the end.

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