Thursday, April 12, 2012

They ride horses don't they

Update: Didn't get to post this last night and in the interim, Fox did indeed catch the mole. Original post follows.

Gawker hired a new writer. They claim he's a mole from Fox News. Fox says they know who he is but he resurfaced with a taunt almost immediately after the announcement. So far no one has actually been fired. But even if they really do know, it's too late to contain all the damage. He delivered this backstage video from Willard's appearance at Hannity's Vegas extravaganza:

Most everybody focused on the horse thing. And sure, what says man of the people more than the finer points of Austrian Warmbloods, so well suited for dressage, and Missouri Foxtrotters? But am I the only one that noticed he said Ann needs to ride her horses to "get away from Mitt" because heck they just spent a whole month in close quarters is a bit contradictory to the whole loyal wife, happy family meme they're pimping?

Also I found the exchange about Romney's hotel telling. He tells Hannity, "You can spend your money on ads, or you can spend it hotel rooms. I'd rather spend it on ads." He's staying at the Renaissance in Las Vegas because it's cheaper. The Renaissance bills itself as a gambling free, luxury boutique hotel. Rack rate for a single weekend night for a standard room is in the $300 range. Don't we all look for those "cheap" $300 rooms when we're traveling on a budget? How much more "just like common folks" can they get?

Backstory on how it all started here.

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