Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Suck. On. This.

Ten years today of sucky blogging for Atrios. That's like a million years in internet time. Of course, I kid about the sucky part. He calls it that himself, I suppose because so many people call him a lazy blogger and say his blog sucks. Admit, back when I first started blogging, I thought he was kind of lazy too because his style is so terse. And of course, he got a lot of people really mad at him over the blogroll amnesty thing that seems like a lifetime ago now.

I came to realize it's actually a lot harder to say a lot in as few words as possible. And the more often you read him, the easier it is to understand his shorthand. Also, too, just because he doesn't post about everything, doesn't mean he's not jacked into the matrix and reading all day. He just chooses the most important stuff. Which is also not as easy as it looks.

And the open thread posts that are so widely mocked? Comments move fast there. Threads fill up really fast. After a couple of hundred comments, it takes too long to load. So he does that for the community, which is also unfairly scorned by the way. It takes time to crack that crowd, but if you engage and get to know them, you find they're some of the smartest and most caring people on the intertubes. At least that's what I found. I have many cherished friends there.

Anyway, the internet tells me this about tenth anniversaries.
Thus, traditional 10th wedding anniversary gift symbols are Tin/Aluminum. These materials symbolize the durability and malleability required in a strong relationship. Plus, tin is also resistant to corrosion.
Rather fitting for the blog and the community.

Atrios is kind of aloof and rarely engages himself, not even with his long standing regs. And admit I was one of the people outraged by his dumping of his blogroll. I probably said some mean stuff myself. But he was actually right about that too and over the years, even though he's rarely acknowledged my existence, he's become one of my favorite bloggers. Maybe even one of my favorite people that I've never met, and don't really know. Wishing him another ten years of hearty suckitude.

Oh, and in honor of the occasion, Atrios posted his One True Wanker of the Decade. I bet the under this morning on the twitter and predicted a surprise choice. Of course, Little Tommy Friedman was the obvious pick and rightfully so. He's been the leading wanker on Eschaton for the last ten years and some of Atrios' most enduring memes sprang from his wankery. It's another good one, but the Sully entry is still my favorite of the series.

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