Sunday, April 08, 2012

RIP Mike Wallace

I don't have any grand memories of the man, but Mike Wallace was the kind of journalist they just don't make anymore. Hard to imagine any of the current crop of bobblehead moderators asking the kind of questions he did, back in the day. He lived to be 93. To put that in perspective, "when Wallace was born in 1918 there wasn't even a radio in most American homes, much less a TV."

He witnessed a whole lot of change. Indeed, he was more than just a mere witness, he was the emcee of all of our mutual history. He was the inquistor of many of its major figures. He asked tough questions and insisted on real answers. Which sadly means, even if somehow he could come back again as a young man and start his life all over, there would be no place left in today's "news" business for him anyway.

Much more commentary on his passing at Memeorandum. May he rest in peace.

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