Monday, April 23, 2012

Put the load right on me

I didn't get around to posting about Levon Helm's death when it happened. I was unusally sad that he died and didn't have the heart to talk about it right away. The Band was big on the soundtrack of my misspent youth. I saw them live at the Filmore East back in 1970 or 71 maybe. It was a such a great concert. My first one in a high profile venue like the Filmore. And of course, it being in NYC made it extra exciting. As I recall, we also ate at Katz Deli. I'll never forget that old Jewish waiter. He was a riot. It was a golden time in my life, and listening to The Band always evoked warm memories.

Otherwise, I don't have any great personal stories about Levon but Charlie Pierce wrote a gorgeous tribute. And Elvis Costello's eulogy was moving.

Admit, I didn't really follow Levon's career after The Band broke up, so I didn't hear this song until he died, when it seemed everyone on the internets was mourning. Even though there are many other songs that mean more to me historically, this one seems the best to mark his journey to the Summerlands.

Can't stop listening to it. Makes me wish I had followed him longer, and somehow made my way to his barn in Woodstock.

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