Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Primary dullards

Bunch of Republican primaries today. Nobody cares. Weather was great, but few showed up to vote. It's pretty clear that Willard Romney is the last clown in the car.

The TV punditry is already pivoting to gauging how effective Mitt's mendacity is going to be against Obama. Chuckles Todd, dutiful stenographer, is gleefully examining the clues that signal Mitt's pending rhetorical rejection of the GOP's crazy base, eagerly anticipating Willard's shift to the center. He won't be reporting it as shameless lying, but rather canny strategy. Which will no doubt be the prevailing media meme.

The script is already written. The fact that Ron Paul swept the Minnesota congressional district conventions barely made a ripple in the news cycle. The only thing that might shift the prescribed narrative now would be a surprise win by Newt in Delaware. Or a surprise sweep by Ron Paul in Rhode Island. Both of which seem unlikely.

And thus the stupid season begins in earnest.

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