Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not better Blogger

I've been defending Blogger from its critics for years. I've stuck with the platform, despite its annoying quirks because it was simple and fast to use. Of course, like every other damn thing on the internets, they couldn't leave well enough alone. So they invented a "new look" and completely fucked up the functionality. It's now become such a PITA to use that I'm seriously considering going through the trouble of switching to Wordpress, which has its own issues but at this point has more convenient functionality.

Blogger if you're listening, the popout side menu sucks. It doesn't stabilize while you're using it so adding labels is now irritating. Also it screws up the display of the text while you're composing. And, I now have to manually put in the breaks in html? Not a timesaver. Thinking this needed a bit more beta testing before it was forced on us. Please fix it, or give me my "old look" back.
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