Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lie down with dogs

Once Politifact was a fairly neutral, mostly reliable fact checker. Then they realized that the bulk of the lies were being told by Republicans, so they decided to go all "both sides do it" for "balance" and worked overtime to find any tiny discrepancy in statements by Democrats. Which culminated in their erroneously assigning the Democratic statement that the Ryan Roadmap to Ruin would destroy Medicare as we know it as Lie of the Year.

Of course they did this to please their fringe right wing critics and presumably to ensure their invites to the DC cocktail party circuit. In the process they destroyed their credibility and for what? Nothing short of full time Democratic bashing will please the crazy cons. For instance, publishing an unrated excerpt of Obama's book to give the whole stupid "dog eater" meme context is deemed a left wing sellout by the leading lowlights of the far fringe right. (Warning: link goes to Hot Air.)

I suppose they will still get those party invites, but pandering to the right wing won't get them any meaningful traffic. Those readers don't click links. They just read blogs like Hot Air to get their talking points for trolling comment sections. Essentially they destroyed their credibility, and the traffic generated by left wing links, for pretty much nothing but a few cocktail weenies. I'd rate that a net loss.

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