Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy happy

Well if you celebrate the holiday, Happy Easter or happy Passover or just happy day if you don't subscribe to the religion thing. If you're looking for an Easter graphic, click over and check out this Easter tree with 10,000 eggs. Actually an interesting story. The guy started with 18 eggs in 1965 and just kept adding more.

Me, as has become my custom, started my festivities by reading my hate mail. It's especially delicious today. Better than chocolate bunnies. My current favorite, verbatim:
libby the crap master crap for brains and crap column!
Thinking the mods may take that one down, but I don't ever delete them myself. Figure it educates the centrists on conservative values. But on to nicer things. This is, hands down, the picture of the week. Full moon rising over Central Park.

Original photo taken by the incomparable Isarda Sorensen. It was almost a tie this week though. This little charmer just makes me smile till my face hurts.

And if you need more cute, try 40 animals in love. Enjoy the day.

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