Wednesday, April 25, 2012

GOP enthusiam gap

The GOP has now officially become so boring no one is covering it. I couldn't find any totals from yesterday's events. This is the closest I found to any rundown of the numbers. Of course, if this had happened to President Obama, every Big Media pundit on TV, the internets and in print would hollering about an enthusiam gap, but we're talking about a Republican candidate here, so I've only seen this one lonely blog mention Romney's lackluster "sweep" of yesterday's primaries.
But on Tuesday, Romney won only 56 percent of the vote in Delaware and 58 percent in Pennsylvania, home to Rick Santorum who dropped out on April 10th.

While Romney avoided the embarrassment of winning with a mere plurality, never has a presumptive nominee won a primary contest with such a low level of support at this stage of the race with his chief challenger no longer actively campaigning. [...]

Overall, GOP frontrunners have averaged 78 percent of the vote in contests conducted after the last credible challenger left the race.
No other candidates in recent history have garnered less than 60% but the "liberal media" is busily practicing steno-journalism, "reporting" in minute detail the latest in GOP whinging and whatever pathetic positive polling they can find for Willard. Because, profit model infotainment.

Sometimes I miss the days of information driven news so much, it manifests as a physical pain.

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