Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Ancient blogger reflects on his past

I'm a pretty old blogger in more ways than one, but Atrios is older in blog years. He's coming up on his tenth blogiversary and is doing a series of rare long form posts to mark the occasion. Being that I'm pretty sure he invented the "wanker" meme, it's seems fitting that his series is focused on "Wanker of the Decade."

Now ironically, Jane Galt is responsible for my most viral post ever, that being when I was posting at The Newshoggers, where I briefly speculated on whether Fred Thompson's trophy wife would be a liability in his bid for the GOP nomination in 2004. Andrew Sullivan picked it up from her and I was bombarded with a vertiable firestorm of criticism that lasted for a couple of weeks for daring to suggest such a thing. Back then I had no idea who Jane Galt was. I thought it was her real name.

Anyway, I suppose I should be kinder to Ms. McMegan out of gratitude for launching me but fk that. She, and her pink Himalayan salt, deserves a place on the wanker of the decade list. I might have ranked her higher myself, but with so many choices, the competition is stiff.

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