Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Wednesday's just as bad

So Stupor Tuesday is over. Gratefully, I missed most of it since I was celebrating my mom's birthday. Clearly no one is dropping out of the 2012 clown car because of any great mandate from the base. It's just as big a freak show as it ever was. The only presidential primary that mattered as a barometer was Ohio, and I've yet to see any hard numbers, but hearing Willard barely squeaked out a win. Last I saw, he took it with a 1% lead.

Seeing lots of bean counting on the delegates and speculation about nobody getting to the magic number before Tampa. Which I still maintain, contrary to the conventional wisdom and even rational analysis, is the plan and has been the plan all along. Less sure Chris Christie will be the rabbit they pull out of the jester's cap, but mark my words. I'm saying there's only a 40% chance Romney will end up the nominee and it won't be anyone else who's currently running either.

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