Friday, March 30, 2012

We all want to change the world

I can't remember ever seeing a better description of soul rending, bone crushing poverty and its remedy than this link John Cole just posted on the twitter. It's all like this:
Movements will fall away, but the movement will endure. Temporary conditions will change, and with them the short-term self-interest of the self-interested, but you can be irresolute. Fads in politics and media, new ideas and new rallying cries, all of that is inevitable and temporary. All that will remain is privilege and its lack, entrenched poverty and embedded affluence, and the reactionary power of what is and what has been. And only this political question will endure: do you want to change the miserable condition that exists on this earth?
Well? Do you? Because I do.

Have no idea who this person is, and it's said so often that nobody listens, but seriously. Read the whole thing.

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