Friday, March 16, 2012

Romney's new game plan - Updated

This is funniest thing about the GOP freak show I've read in weeks. Charlie advises Willard Romney on how to spark up his campaign. Don't even want to excerpt because you should read in full, but this was my favorite graph:
"I mean, really, people. Gingrich? Santorum? You people want to lose 45 states? You want the entire campaign to be about either Gingrich's grandiose daydreams, or about Rick Santorum's pursuit of the unauthorized use of the penis? One guy wants to be Caesar Augustus and the other one wants to be Pius IX. Is that really what you want? I've decided that I just want to be Mitt Romney again, bitches, because that's an awfully nice thing to be. Ever seen the sunset over the Pacific? I'm owning one of those bad boys now.
Just saw on the twitter that the basement in Romney's newly rehabbed digs there is going to bigger than the house he tore down.

Update: Doug J, a man of many modifiers, has the scoop on Willard's underground lair and also, too, possibly the best use of a song reference in a post title.

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