Thursday, March 08, 2012

Limbaugh's den of skeeves

The old gasbag Rush Limbaugh has been claiming the stampede of fleeing advertisers hasn't hurt him a bit financially, and was bragging that he already had new advertisers lined up to take over the vacated spots on his show. He declined to name them so I'm not absolutely sure this WaPo post is true or just truthy. It is billed as a comedy/parody blog.

But I'm sure it's true that this website which facilitates extra-martial affairs expressed an interest. And it would certainly make sense that the related "self-proclaimed 'world’s largest sugar daddy and sugar baby dating website'” would be wanting to reach out to Rushblo's fans as well. Seems like people who excuse and even celebrate harassing innocent women with vile smears and innuendo would be the right demo for them. Limbaugh claims he wouldn't allow them to air on his show and if they did air on the affiliates, it was a mistake.

In any event it's indisputable that so far at least 45 advertisers have fled Rush's show and an ad agency in Ohio is refusing to make any buys on Limbaugh's show for his clients.
In a letter to agency clients, Roach said “No woman, including Ms. [Sandra] Fluke, should ever be subject to the type of insults and vitriol broadcast during 'The Rush Limbaugh Show' last week, and no individual or business should wish to be associated with this type of irresponsible behavior.”
I'm also sure it's true that none of this is affecting Rushblo's personal finances. I feel certain he negotiated an ironclad contract for his eight year, $400 million guarantee. And I hope it's true that the little stations aren't being hurt by the exodus either. Radio stations struggle enough to stay afloat and one hopes these advertisers simply move their ads to more deserving programming. Nonetheless, Rush's bluster can't disguise the cosmetic effect of losing commercial clients.

More than half of his recent ad spots have been free PSAs and even those are diminishing as the non-profs are asking to be dropped from Limbaugh's rotation. If the internets can stay focused, it's not impossible that at some point, he won't even be able to give the air time away. In fact, it may already be happening. On one of his latest shows, there was a full minute of dead air between segments.

This will hurt Limbaugh in the fan base over the long run. His dittoheads believe they're some kind of vast majority. They can only function as pack animals, taking their cues from the groupthink and rooting their "courage" in the belief in their numbers. If civil society refuses to engage in the charade, they'll eventually realize they're small and alone. And they'll run.

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Blogger Diane said...

And as the day progressed, it got even worse.

8:23:00 PM  
Blogger Libby Spencer said...

Can't keep up with the numbers. It keeps growing by the hour. Keeping my fingers crossed the internets won't get distracted.

10:06:00 AM  

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