Friday, March 09, 2012

The last dance, the last chance

Willard wins the news cycle today with his "y'all" drawl praising of grits (and other things) but I'm more interested in Newt's late night dance party on Wednesday. He and Callista cut the old rug in an empty hotel bar till the wee hours.

More photos at the link, incuding proof they're decent tippers.

Some observers mused that the candidate and his staff seemed to be celebrating being close to the end of their long and winding campaign journey.

Not a bad guess. Unless Newt manages to win both Alabama and Mississippi next week, hard to see how he can go on unless Sheldon wants to bankroll his ego tour just for the hell of it. Don't see what he'd gain by doing it though and he's already said he'd jump on Willard's bandwagon when the time was ripe. The clock is ticking down to last call...

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