Monday, March 12, 2012

How to beat the Rush

This is now bigger than just Rush. Advertisers are stampeding away from hate radio. Think Progress has the latest count showing 141 companies don't want ads aired on Rush Limbaugh or any other hate radio show. This includes, "Michael Savage, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. According to the memo, the listed companies’ advertisements should be excluded from these programs because they have been 'deemed to be offensive.'”

Think Progress also has a pretty graphic on PinInterest showing the logos of the fleeing advertisers. It's no small deal. This represents millions in ad revenue.

On a related note, David Frum thinks hate radio is dying. He makes a case for the new, gentler musings of Mike Huckabee supplanting the current reign of vicious bombast.

Not so sure he's right about that myself, there's still a market for insensible rage validation among the hard core 27%ers of the fringe whackers, but then again, the economic factor may change the radio market. I had no idea how the financial arrangements worked in this business. Apparently, most of the shock jocks give up their content for free and share in the ad revenues. However, Rushblo charges premium rates for the mere priviledge of airing his vile mendacious tirades. Which means getting local stations to drop the show would hurt his empire much more than simply getting the national advertisers to stop their ads.

Hope the dump Rush activists have taken note and will adjust their protests accordingly.

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