Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Much excitement at Romney HQ today after he won the Illinois primary last night. His point man was so giddy, he told the media that Romney is on the path to a clear win in November. All that pandering to the crazy base? Not a problem. They're just going to take the historical record and
shake it out like an Etch-a-Sketch
and redraw his positions for the general election. Didn't know you could do that to YouTubes.

Granted, Willard really needed this win and it was decent one. But it doesn't appear the base is quite as excited as Team Romney. This was taken 20 minutes before Willard's victory speech last night.

[original photo via watergate summer]

In fact, turnout was historically low for the primary and those who voted aren't exactly a microcosm of the general population. For one thing, about 98% of the voters were old white people. Still a long road to Tampa.

Thinking the original Mr. Potato Head might be a more appropriate analogy by the time they arrive. You can change the face all you want, but it's still the same old rotten potato underneath. [hat tip Anne Laurie]

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